As we learn that we are mind, body, emotions, heart, and Spirit, we begin to search intuitively.  Hope and inspiration are vital components of the healing journey and we ask," What inspires me?  "What gives me hope?" 

Creativity is a tool that helps us transform and move our development to the next level. Do we realize that a "seeming" wall is an opportunity to discover more of who we are and what we want?  How do we find these answers?


Self-creation is an art of fire.
                  ~M.C. Richards

All Higher Self communication begins in the heart.
                  ~Sanaya Roman  

About ME

​What prompted me to think differently about Psychotherapy?

​In the search of what works to heal trauma, I went through extensive trainings that focused on the nervous system and how the body affects the mind. My passion is to help people transform body, mind, heart, and Spirit. 

Properly understood as a question of focus, unconditional love is the creative process.

                        ~Peter Rogers

Like many people in the healing profession,  I became interested in a healing profession as a way to heal myself. Having survived an accident as a teenager taught me about physical healing and served as an initiation into a further awakening.

In college I became intrigued by psychology and the idea of becoming a psychotherapist. Over time this has evolved into a Spiritual quest. the journey of a lifetime.

      Holistic Mind Body Trauma Healing Using EMDR and EFT

About my approach to mind body psychotherapy

Mind body psychotherapy helps us connect with our aliveness, creativity, and heal blocks. Over the years I have developed a highly intuitive approach to working with the nervous system, the personality and  day to day practical issues that affect people. I deeply respect the unique relationship each person has to their pain and to their healing. This means that I pay close attention to you and the pace of each session.

Fees for my services are $115.00 an hour for using EMDR and Trauma Resolution therapy.

777 S. Wadsworth Blvd, Bldg 2 #106 Lakewood, CO, 80226 303-274-2485 

My formal training includes:

 BA in psychology at Lewis and Clark College, Portland, Oregon
MSW in Social Work, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma
Social Work Fellowship, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, OKC
State of Colorado License, 1990

For the next 10 years I worked in various mental health centers and agencies with adolescents, families, couples, and children using cognitive behavioral and family systems approaches. In 1990's I trained in mind body modalities that included:

Certification in Integrative Body Psychotherapy
Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, Level 1
Somatic Experiencing
Emotional Freedom Technique 

Other trainings include

Working with Angels and Energy Healing